100×100 cm Neon on canvas


50×50 cm Neon on canvas

Sky Grass

50×50 cm Neon on canvas

Lost Light

Close up

Lost Light

Installation at Fotografiska

Failing in love

Sad heart, 35 cm

Studio decoration

custom made design

Not in love

Pink or blue neon heart


Custom made design 2 m

If only women would run the world

Custom made design – 3 out of 5 sold

Neon skull

White neon on acrylic plastic 50 cm Unlimited edition

Neon tits

Pink and blue neon
Unlimited edition

Thoughts of an alter ego

Turqoise, yellow & pink neon on acrylic plastic
Dimable tranformator
110×70 cm


Pink & yellow neon on acrylic plastic
Dimable tranformator
110×70 cm

Google Campaign

Billboards in Berlin

Art Made This installation

Neon tubes on wall 7×3 m

Absolut Vodka

Digital campaign

Every set is a mindset set

Red, yellow & white neon on acrylic plastic
Dimable tranformator
104×70 cm

Cloudering Crucifix

Pink & red neon on acrylic plastic Dimable tranformer 52×52 cm SOLD

Blue Elysian

Blue, white & purple neon on acrylic plastic
Dimable tranformator
52×52 cm

Squishi Sassa

Yellow, purple & white neon on acrylic plastic
Dimable tranformator
52×52 cm

Pace Portal

Yellow, turqoise & purple neon on acrylic plastic
Dimable tranformator
52×52 cm

Cloudering Crucifix

Pink, yellow & red neon on acrylic plastic
Dimable tranformator
52×52 cm

Rufus Cloud

Pink neon
Dimable tranformator
30×16 cm
Unlimited edition

Rufus Cloud

Blue neon
Dimable tranformator
30×16 cm
Unlimited edition

Cloudering Crucifix

Blue & white neon on acrylic plastic
Dimable tranformator
52×52 cm

In another life


Exhibition ‘Monkey Mind’

Preparations on set
Bohus Malmön
It was a good day!


‘Sista Fixen’


‘Sista Fixen’

Neon for Oscar Sia

Det Går Aldrig

Led installation for NONONO

Album cover
With Warner Music
Made w. Melinda C. Urbansdotter

NONONO led installation

the progress

Installation Fashion Week

Creative Director installation
Official Gallery

Installation Vallgatan 12

together w. Offical Gallery

Neon for Insert Coin

White neon on black acrylic plastic

Me being me

Album cover graphics

Vita Bergen
Label: Whoa dad!


  • Halebop Creative Calls | Collaboration, TBA 2019

  • Neon Installation by the Opera | For Trafikverket, Gothenburg. Oktober 2019

  • Neon for Brilliant Minds | June, Stockholm

  • Neon at Fotografiska | 11/4-11/5 at Fotografiska Studio Live

  • Interview Nöjesguiden Stockholm | read it here

  • Reportage about my neon home – Göteborgsposten | Read about it here

  • Hosting ”Grunden till allt”, SR P1, 16/2 | Talking about neon as an aesthetic element – listen to it here 

  • Light installation and video about me for New Balance | Featuring as one of their fearlessy independent people. Video here

  • Custom made neon for Johanna Nordström | Image here

  • Awarded ”Art of the year” 2018, Gothenburg | Read the nomination here, images here


  • Neon for Oscar Sia release party |

  • Art made this | Paint and neon in NK:s parking house, floor 1. Check it out here

  • Global campaign for Google | Collab with Android and Google Play – watch it here

  • Neon installation – Daniel Wellington | Exhibited during Way Out West. Images here

  • Interview Coeval Magazine | Read it here

  • Interview & cover Djungeltrumman (print) | Read it here

  • Ad for Absolut Vodka | They gave me a cube and four days to interpret a drink. Result here

  • Interview Miksajo | Watch it here

  • Spisa Matbar | Collab dinner

  • Exhibition ‘Sista Fixen’ | Neon installations, images here, Gothenburg

  • Exhibition Lounge(s) | A celebration of female local artists, Gothenburg


  • Neon for Dagmar | Stockholm

  • Featured in Residence Magazine | Find it here

  • Exhibition Riche Lilla Baren | Stockholm

  • Led installaton NONONO | Warner Music, made w. Melinda C. Urbansdotter, Stockholm

  • Exhibition during Art Basel | Arthur Art Basel, Basel

  • Exhibition ‘Every set is a sunset set’ | Skomakeriet, Kulturnatta, Stockholm

  • In store | Kvart Interiör, Gothenburg

  • In store | Vallgatan 12, Gothenburg

  • Interview Djungeltrumman | Read it here

  • Neon for NA-KD | PR-event, Gothenburg

  • Album cover | Vita Bergen

  • Installation Fashion week | Official Gallery, Stockholm

  • Exhibition ‘Purple Perplex’ | Gothenburg

  • Interview Stadsekot |

  • Exhibition ‘Monkey Mind’ | images here, Bohus Malmön


  • Stage decoration Vita Bergen | Gothenburg

  • Light installation Roshan | Roshan, Gothenburg

Who am I?

I’m an award winning artist from Gothenburg focusing on neon/led/light and installations, most often very colorful ones. Since 2016 I’ve been part of many different projects and exhibited at galleries in Gothenburg, Basel (during Art Basel), Bohus Malmön and Stockholm (Fotografiska and Galleri Skomakeriet). I’ve worked with some of the worlds most famous brands like Google, Daniel Wellington, Absolut Vodka, New Balance and with several artists.

Why do you need me in your life?

Except from making my own art works, I happily take part in collaborations and creative projects. Good to know: I need time for the creative process and also minimum 3 weeks to produce the neon. I offer two years of warranty. Mounting is not included in the price. Email me if you have any ideas or questions. <3