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You have to be >18 years to order! An order is approved once you have received a confirmation email.

DELIVERY It usually takes about 3-7 weeks to deliver the product. If a delivery is urgent we offer express delivery for a cost.

We sell and ship to almost all countries but shipping costs and delivery times differ between countries. Shipping is not included in the price. There is always a possibility to pick up the products in Gröndal, Stockholm for free. For deliveries outside EU, there might be a tax added of between to the total.

IF YOUR NEON BREAKS DURING TRANSPORTATION, you have to CONTACT ME WITHIN 24 HOURS after receiving the delivery, as the insurance only covers broken products for 24 hours after receiving the delivery.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have written to correct address and contact information in the form when ordering.

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEON Care for it gently so you don’t break the tubes. It is very sensitive to pressure. Turn it off during some parts of the day to make it last longer. If it gets dusty, gently wipe off the tubes with a soft cloth. If you haven’t ordered neon for outdoor use, make sure the neon is not in contact with any water or moist. Outdoor neon signs can handle wetness such as moist and rain, for example, but you have to let us know beforehand if the sign will be used outdoors so I can make sure you get waterproof products.

WARRANTY I offer 2 years of warranty on functionality – this does not include tubes breaking after delivery.

MOUNTING Mounting of the neon is not included. When ordering neon on plexiglass/mirror acrylic/aluminium, the neon is already mounted on the background. If you order”only” tubes, the neon comes in parts and you have to put it together on your own. HERE IS A YOUTUBE TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MOUNT YOUR NEON – CLICK HERE

EQUIPMENT/SAFETY/RECYCLING All transformers are approved according to CE standards. All contacts are made for the standard two-pin EU sockets. Socket-adapter(s) is/are not included in the price. All neon products are equipped with an on/off switch. All neon art works come with cables, transformers and hanging equipment. Make sure not to get any water in the electrical equipment.

Please note, for neon to light up, it needs electricity. Electricity can be dangerous and cause electric shocks if handled the wrong way. Make sure you handle it carefully, especially among children and animals.

Neon tubes with argon gas contain a very small amount of mercury. When mercury heats up to 80-90 C it gets poisonous, so don’t do that! Neon gas does not contain any mercury. When recycling neon, send the mercury to an authorized environmental manager. The cables and transformers should be recycled with electrical waste.

RETURNS/REFUNDS I offer 14 days return. Shipping costs on returns will be paid by the customer, make sure to pack the order as you got it as the neon is very fragile. The cables should not be connected to the neon if sent back as it makes it even more fragile. Make sure that the transformer is not loose in the box when sent back. Returns are not possible on custom made designs.

PRODUCT INFORMATION The neon products are handmade by my glassblower in Bulgaria. As all products are handmade and produced individually, exact colors, shapes and sizes might differ slightly from displayed and mentioned. The transformer might generate a subtle sound.

EXPECTED LIFE SPAN Expected life span for neon in general is roughly 40 000-60 000 hours. The transformer may, or may not, exceed this. If the transformer breaks after the warranty time of two years, there is (probably) a possibility to buy a new transformer separately. When the neon runs out of life there (might) be a possibility to repair the neon piece for a cost.

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DATA PROTECTION OFFICER If you have any questions regarding the management of your data as a customer, please contact us at josefineklundmail@gmail.com with the subject “GDPR – request for data”